Collection: Seriously Oats at Home

We know the cost of ordering breakfast prep can add up, so we created this option to help our customers save some $$$ and get creative in the kitchen while they're at it! 

Introducing Seriously Oats at Home Mixes! We've spent months perfecting our oat-base for our recipes and they became so easy to use that we figured - why not let our customers do it themselves? With sweetener and protein already blended into the mix, you won't need to add anything but milk or water and your desired toppings! With versatile options such as vanilla, caramel, and chocolate - you have endless possibilities for what you can create! As a bonus, you can send us a message and ask for our recipe e-book so you can try making some of your favorite flavours at home! 

Orders for mixes can be fulfilled in as little as 1-2 days for pick up. Delivery will occur on Wednesday or Sunday unless otherwise communicated.