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  • "Soooo good!!! Seriously I can't believe the calories and the taste." - Angel

  • "Seriously Oats... when people rave about it, it's because there's actually something to rave about! Texture, amount, flavour 👌👌👌 seriously! Soooo good!" - Cat

  • "I have a lot of allergies and your oats are one of the very few "fun" breakfasts I can eat" - Kate

  • "The oats are always good, clearly since I haven't been able to stop ordering since I found your business, but the carrot cake this week 🤤 I felt guilty eating it but had to remind myself it's healthy" - Holly

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Seriously Oats at Home

Introducing Seriously Oats at Home Mixes! The dry oat blend we created for breakfast prep became so easy to use that we figured - why not let our customers do it themselves? 

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Need a gift for your health and fitness friend?

Our breakfast prep kits have almost everything you need to prep 5-10 portions of some of our most popular flavours! Your friend will appreciate you making their work week easier!

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Need Something on the Go?

Instant oat cups are perfect for travel, camping, or to stock up in case you run out of breakfast prep! Just add milk or water and heat or soak and you're set!

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Seriously Oats

We believe that a good day starts with a good morning.

  • Made for Busy Lifestyles

    We know you have a lot going on and it can be hard to find time for yourself. With a variety of delicious and convenient options, we're sure we can help you find something that will keep you fueled and bring you some joy through your most busy and chaotic days.

  • High in Protein

    We know that high protein diets are important no matter what your goals are. We make getting your protein into your day easy and delicious so that meeting your macronutrient goals won't feel like work.

  • Balanced

    We believe food guilt should be a thing of the past. You CAN be healthy and still have some of your favorite things without feeling guilty about it. We use both nutrient dense ingredients such as rolled oats and whey protein, as well as some ingredients that feed the soul such as chocolate chips, caramel bits, cookie bits, etc.

  • Inspired by Your Favorite Desserts

    We LOVE dessert so we have created recipes out of oats that taste just like some of your favourite treats! With breakfast prep options that are updated every week, we're sure you'll find something you love.